The Beginning of My Beginning

So here I am.  Me, Kevaughn Isaacs, doing exactly what I thought I would never end up doing…BLOGGING!!!  But after a long discussion with my good friend and business partner Chike Ukaegbu and some minor thought, I decided I’d give it a try.  I guess this is kinda fun, I could get used to just jotting down my thoughts on a keyboard and hoping the world will see them.  So anyway, I should actually tell you more about myself.  Here goes:

My name, once again, is Kevaughn Isaacs.  Pronounced Kev-on, like Kevin, but instead of “in”…”on”.  I rather not tell you my age and any of that as yet because I just don’t know you like that!  So i’ll just provide you with some interesting facts and facets about myself.  I’m a Dreamer, take that however you want it, daydreamer, night dreamer, future dreamer, BIG dreamer….Dreamer.  In my head, I like to envision myself in and/or as different components of life.  Weird. Yes maybe, but it keeps me going, it keeps me Creative.  Creativity is another facet of MY reality.  I take pleasure in being creative, I’m a graphic designer, maybe i’ll even allow you a little peek at my work sometime.  I’m also a dancer, hip-hop dancer to be a bit more precise, this allows me a lot of room for creative expression.  Most importantly, I’m an Entrepreneur, or so I love to say.  I’m co-founder and Vice President of a non-profit organization based in Harlem, NY called Re:LIFE Incorporated.  Which brings me to Youth, I enjoy working with youth, big or small, older than me or younger than me, it doesn’t matter.  So you could say i’m a very caring individual for the most part, but I’ll refrain from getting mushy and all that.

That’s enough of me for now.  I’m already getting tired of typing. The Subsequent blog posts will be more about myself, my opinions, my life experiences, my thoughts and everything else that a stellar blog should include.  I’ll keep you posted so be on the lookout! Peace.